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Brooks Stairlifts are Reliable, Safe and Comfortable

In 1972, Mr Frederick Brooks designed his first stairlift for his wife Grace when she started to find the stairs too difficult due to her rheumatoid arthritis.

Over the years, Brooks Stairlifts have worked closely with homecare professionals to turn ideas into reality and provide thousands of people with a reliable stairlift. Brooks have brought safety and independence on the stairs to thousands, through their innovation, commitment and inspiration.

Brooks stairlifts are a reliable, safe and comfortable alternative for people who may have difficulties getting up and down their stairs. Brooks stairlifts are simple to operate and do not damage your home as the threads are attached to your stairs and not your wall. As well as these advantages, Brooks stairlifts are not obtrusive to others as they have a slim-line design which enables others to use the stairs as normal.

The Brooks Stairlift is our best seller, and has great features that enable to you enjoy your home once more.
Straight Stairlift
The Brooks Lincoln Straight Stairlift

Our straight stairlifts are built to last, with low maintenance and high reliability. They run on maintenance free DC power packs, which are automatically recharged at the end of every trip. This type of power ensures that the stairlifts are safe to use, and are incredibly smooth.

Safe and Easy

Brooks Lincoln straight stairlifts come with all the necessary features and a few extra ones, as standard. Thanks to all of the available features, the Brooks stairlift is safe, comfortable and easy to use.

• Soft start and stop system - no sudden jolts
• Easy to use joystick control
• Remote control system - means no messy wiring
• Low voltage operation - eliminates risk of shock
• Electro mechanical braking with failsafe overspeed governor
• Delivered fast - delivered in days, fitted in an hour

Guarantees and Warranties

All Brooks straight stairlifts are guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the installation date. The guarantee covers you for all mechanical failures through defects in manufacture of the straight stairlift.
Stairlift Features
Here are just a few of the features which set us apart from other stairlift manufacturers and ensure we remain true to our guiding principles of quality and care:

• Slimline design.
• Runs on maintenance-free rechargeable batteries. Works even in a blackout!
• Numerical fault code display, for easy diagnostic and repair guidance.
• Weight capacity 20 Stones (127Kg).
• No unsightly structural work needed - fits direct to your stair treads rather than the wall.

1. Folding arms, seat and footrest

The arms, seat and footrest all neatly fold away.
With its ultra slimline design there's plenty of room
for other users of your staircase.
2. Wireless Remote Control
The lift can be 'called' or 'sent' up or down the stairs when ever it's needed, making it easy for multiple users to control the stairlift.
3. Safety cut-out sensors on carriage and footrest
If anything is blocking the progress of the Stairlift, it will come to an immediate halt. There are 5 sensors: 3 on the footrest, and 2 on the carriage.
4. Swivel seat, locks in either 45° or 90° position

The seat turns and locks in either a 45° or 90° position, helping you get in and out of your stairlift, easily and safely.
5. Simple to use controls
Using the lift is as easy as pushing the armrest paddle in the direction of travel.
Stairlift Technical Specification


Motor power0.5hp
Travel SpeedNo greater than 0.15 m/s
Method of driveRack and pinion
Motor output torque108 Nm
Power supply (battery)24v DC
Maximum capacity20 Stones (127 Kg)
TrackExtruded Aluminium
Mains supplyUK 240v, 50Hz Charger
EU 220v, 50Hz Charger


AWidth outside armrest22560
BWidth inside armrest17.5445
CWidth of backrest14.5370
DDepth of seat16410
ETop of footrest to top of seat17.5445
FRequired space from bottom of stair26660
GWall to seat height1.540
HOverall height of seat19.5495
IOverall height401020
JFootrest surface to floor4.5115
KOverall depth (folded)13325
LOverall depth (footrest down)23585

*Brooks, In keeping with its policy of continual development, reserves the right to change specifications without notice. All measurements are approximate.

Stairlift Installation and Service
At Brooks, we offer a range of services to suit you and to help you get the most out of Britain's first stairlift. The services we offer range from on site surveys to the installation of the stairlift itself, and from maintenance agreements to extended warranties. Please click on the links below to view information on Brooks services.

• On Site Survey
• Installation
• Our Service
• Maintenance
• Extended Warranties

On site survey

Due to the fact that your Brooks stairlift will be built specifically to the requirements of your stairs, Brooks will happily send out one of their fully trained consultants to your home to discuss your stairlift requirements.

Whilst they are there, they will also carry out a no-obligation survey so that you will be able to get a quote for a stairlift and purchase one in your own time.


Our Service

Brooks provide speedy and reliable back-up and maintenance service to make sure you are happy with your stairlift, and remain so. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, one of over 20 customer care engineers that we have nationwide will come to you as quickly as is possible, often on the same day. This large number of customer care engineers ensures that customers aren't stranded without their stairlift for long periods of time.All stairlifts are designed to comply with BS5776 and BS5900 standards. This ensures that our stairlifts remain safe and reliable.



All Brooks stairlifts come with a guarantee for a period of 12 months from the installation date. The guarantee covers all replacement parts and labour charges, should you stairlift need to be repaired through mechanical or electrical failure.

We recommend that you have your stairlift serviced once each year by Brooks' fully trained engineers. This ensures that your stairlift will be fully functioning and safe for use for a long time to come.


Extended Warranty

You can purchase an extended warranty covering all parts and labour charges for up to a further four years after the 12 month guarantee ends. This scheme is our Golden Care Warranty Programme; to find out more about this scheme, simply ask one of our sales consultants. To take advantage of the extended warranty cover, it should be purchased at the time of installation or up to 12 months after installation.