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Curved Rail Stairlifts

Curved Rail Stairlifts


Summit Lifts Stairway Stairlifts Models

Summit Lifts Stairway Stairlifts Models

       SL350DC                          SL350AC                             Max                                 Pinnacle

Summit Stair Lifts
  Summit Stair Lifts
    Summit SL350AC Stair Lift 
    Summit SL350DC Stair Lift 
Summit SL350OD Stair Lift 
    Summit SL500HD Stair Lift 
    Summit Max HD Stairlift
    Pinnacle SL600 Stair Lift
    Pinnacle SL600HD Stair Lift

    Summit Cargo Lift
    Summit Product Line


Straight Stair Lifts
  Summit SL350AC
    SL350AC Features
    SL350AC Options 
    SL350AC Specs
  Summit SL350DC
    SL350DC Features
    SL350DC Options 
  Summit SL350OD
    SL350OD Features
    SL350OD Options 
    SL350OD Specs
  Summit SL500HD
    SL500HD Features
    SL500HD Options 
    SL500HD Specs 
  Summit MAX
    MAX Features
    MAX Options
    MAX Specs
  Pinnacle SL600

    SL600 Features
    SL600 Options 
    SL600 Specs
  Pinnacle SL600HD
    SL600HD Features
    SL600HD Options
    SL600HD Specs
Summit Access
SL350 Series Stairway Lifts

Summit Access Stair Lifts transform unfriendly multi-story houses into easily accessible homes. Models available for every budget make staying in your home a safe and simple reality. Summit Access Stair Lifts are the perfect solution to reliably and effortlessly traverse your staircase in complete comfort.

Industry leading 350 pound standard capacity
Fast, simple installation
Smooth starts and stops
Extremely safe design installs on either side of staircase
Mounts to the stairs – not the wall
Operates on standard 115 VAC household current
Extruded aluminum track is available in custom lengths
Wide, comfortable seat rotates 90 degrees at both top and bottom landings
Seat and footrest fold to save space
Lift automatically stops at top and bottom of stairs
Unit control can mount on either armrest of the seat
Separate controls at top and bottom of stairs
Call/Send control at top and bottom of stairs
3-year warranty on components / 5-year on drive train
Made in America!

Summit SL350AC

The Summit SL350AC Stairlift is Harmar's original stairlift offering.  AC version operates solely on a 115 VAC household current.

Summit SL350DC

The Summit SL350DC Stairlift is Harmar's SL350 DC battery operated version.

Summit Max

The Harmar Max has the heaviest carrying capacity (500lbs) in the industry as well as a 23” wide, high-backed contoured seat that helps ensure a comfortable, secure ride.

Pinnacle SL600

Engineered to the highest industry standards, Harmar’s Pinnacle stair lifts are designed for optimal comfort, convenience and aesthetics.
2008 - Harmar acquired Summit Lifts for its popular stair lift line and to increase expertise in home accessibility.


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