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Curved Rail Stairlifts

Curved Rail Stairlifts


Straight Stairlifts for Straight Staircases

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Free Quote Home Survey

Straight Rail Stairlifts

Acorn 130 Stairlift (New Model)

 Acorn 120 Stairlift

 Acorn 120 Outdoor Stairlift

 Acorn 120 Perch or Stand Stairlift

 Acorn 120 Sit or Stand Stairlift

 AmeriGlide Platinum Horizon  Stairlift

 AmeriGlide Rave Stairlift
 AmeriGlide Rubex Stairlift
 AmeriGlide Ultra Stairlift

 AmeriGlide Vesta Stairlift

 Bison 80 Stairlift

 Brooks Lincoln Stairlift

 Bruno Elan Stairlift

 Bruno Elite Stairlift

 Bruno Outdoor Stairlift


 Harmar Alpine II RP350 Stair Lift

 Harmar Alpine II RP350S Stair Lift

 Harmar Pinnacle SL600 Stair Lift

 Harmar Pinnacle SL600HD Stair Lift

 Harmar SL350OD Outdoor Stair Lift

 Harmar Summit SL350AC Stair Lift

 Harmar Summit SL350DC Stair Lift
 Harmar Summit SL350OD Stair Lift

 Harmar Summit SL500HD Stair Lift

 Hawle Treppenlifte HW 20 Straight Stairlift


 MediTek D160 Stairlift

 MediTek E120 Stairlift

 MediTek External Stairlift

 MediTek Perch Stairlift

 Minivator 1000 Stairlift

 Minivator 1000 Outdoor

 Minivator 1000 Perch Stairlift

 Minivator Simplicity Stairlift

 Minivator Simplicity+ Plus Stairlift


 Pinnacle SL600 Stair Lift

 Pinnacle SL600HD Stair Lift

 Platinum Horizon Stairlift


 Savaria B.07 Stairlift

 Savaria SL-1000 Stairlift

 Stannah Outdoor Stairlift
 Stannah Sadler Stairlift

 Stannah Saxon Stairlift
 Stannah Siena Stairlift

 Stannah Sofia Stairlift

 Stannah Solus Stairlift

 Stannah Starla Stairlift

 Sterling 1000 Outdoor Stairlift
 Sterling 1000 Stairlift
 Sterling 1000 Perch Stairlift

 Sterling Simplicity Stairlift

 Sterling Simplicity+ Plus Stairlift

 Summit Max Heavy Duty Stair Lift

 Summit SL350AC Stairlift

 Summit SL350DC Stairlift

 Summit SL350OD Stairlift
 Summit SL500HD Stairlift


 ThyssenKrupp Flow II Stair Lift

 ThyssenKrupp Levant Stair Lift

 ThyssenKrupp Levant Comfort Stair Lift 

 TK Access Flow II Stair Lift

 TK Access Levant Stair Lift

 TK Access Levant Comfort Stair Lift

Straight Stairlifts for Straight Staircases


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The Best in Stairlift Technology

Leading stairlifts manufacturers offers customers the best in stairlift Technology, due to their maintenance free operation, standard Safety features and years of trouble free use. Stairlifts from World Class Manufacturers specialize in installation, maintenance contracts, and repairs.
Why Choose a Stairlift?

Why a Stairlift? Who should use a Stairlift? When stairs become an obstacle, a low cost stairlift is a wonderful solution providing Convenience, Comfort, Performance, Safety, Ease of Use and Freedom and Independence.
The first thing to remember is that not all stairlifts are created equal! Although there is an ever growing demand for stairlift equipment, it is truly amazing how many out dated products are being installed in people's homes throughout the USA. This old technology equipment is troublesome to the user. Why? Because it is unreliable! Modern Stairlifts are state-of-the-art, in terms of design, safety and manufacture.
What Leading Manufacture Stairlift Features are Considered to be Important:
  • DC Battery Power - It is smooth and near silent in operation and will continue to work, in the event of a power failure by means of the internal maintenance free batteries. The stairlift is charged when not in use, and plugs into a standard wall outlet.
  • Dual Braking System - Electronic and Mechanical Braking Systems - The stair lift is fitted with these essential double safety systems to eliminate any possibility of an uncontrolled descent of the stair lift.
  • Dual Paddle Switch - The 'paddle switch' control is located at the end of both arm rests of the stair lift and can be operated by either hand.
  • Fold-up Design Folding Seat & Footrest - The stairs remain available for use by others, as the seat, arms and footrest fold easily away when not in use.
  • No Unnecessary Electrical Wiring - Some stairlifts do not require expensive wiring - no need for expensive and disruptive alteration to your home power supply, or for a certified electrician to hook up main power. The unit is plugged into a standard wall outlet!
  • Overspeed Governor (OSG) - Certain stairlifts are equipped with an internal overspeed governor (OSG) as standard equipment, which immediately stops the passenger carriage unit in the unlikely event of an overspeed descent. Leading stairlift manufacturers believe that it is irresponsible to supply a stairlift without this vital safety equipment.
  • Positive Rack & Pinion Drive - This provides a safe quiet, smooth ride.
  • Safety Sensors - Pressure Sensitive Safety Surfaces - These features prevent the lift from colliding with any obstruction on the stairway. These are located around the footrest, and on the top and bottom of the carriage. The limit sensors also ensure that stairlifts always stops in the correct position.
  • Remote Control - 2 Infrared remote controls are included. No complicated wiring for the lift call stations. You can call the lift to the top or bottom landing. An excellent feature if there is more than one user in the home!
  • Sit or Stand Stairlift - Dual Use Stairlift - With a Sit and Stand Frame, choose the seated position or stand on the footrest. The special folding steady security bar is for stability for those who stand and the stand platform is ideal for anybody who may have problems bending their knees.
  • Isolation Switch - Removable Key Switch Locking System - Stair Lift can be locked with a key preventing unauthorized use especially for child safety.
  • Retractable Seat Belts – Retractable Seatbelts are standard on some installed stairlifts. They are retractable, and have a standard release that makes putting it on and taking it off simple!
  • Self-Diagnostic System - Some stairlifts have a comprehensive self-diagnostic system equipped with smart technology that recognizes and identifies faults and displays a fault code showing the stair lift status.
  • Soft Start/Stop Operation - No jarring at the top or bottom of your stairs
  • Swivel Seat with Locking Catch - Ensures easy mounting and dismounting from the stair lift without twisting the body. The lift will not operate unless the seat is in the correct riding position.
Straight rail stairlifts ride on a straight rail track. Stair lift innovative technology implements the rack and pinion drive and modular straight rail track system for stairs of a straight staircase.
From the modular rail concept, built up from straight rail sections; this unique process allows the rail portion of the lift to be quickly assembled from stock components, enabling faster delivery and installation.
A chair lift, sit or stand stairlift or a perch stairlift all are a personal motorized mechanical lifting device. A seated chair, standing or perching frame is attached to a carriage, which rides on a rail, that is mounted to the treads of the stairs. The passenger on the carriage of the stairlift rides smoothly up and down the straight staircase.
Straight rail stairlifts are a solution for people with health problems that cause difficulty climbing and descending straight staircases. A stair lift is a viable solution for those who have difficulty climbing stairs with a knee injury, Arthritis, back disorder, breathing disorder, fear of falling, heart disease, heart disorder, hip fracture injury, hip replacement, knee, hip or back pain, leg, ankle and foot disorder, poor balance or poor grip strength.