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Curved Rail Stairlifts

Curved Rail Stairlifts


AmeriGlide Rubex Stairlift Electric AC


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AmeriGlide Rubex Electric AC

AmeriGlide lifts are designed for fast, easy installation. The reason our lifts are so easy to install is because we do the hard part at the factory. The carriage is pre-installed on a short section of track. Installation is not much more complex than connecting a length of track, attaching it to the stairs, bolting down the seat, and plugging it in.

The Rubex Electric Powered Stairlift at a Glance:
•350-pound weight capacity
•Motor and gears tested for 30,000 cycles (16 years)
•24 volt Class 2 grounded controls throughout

Comfortable and Easy to Use. With a movable footrest and a deluxe backrest and seat with thicker padding, this stairlift offers unmatched comfort. The 180-degree swivel seat lets you get on and off effortlessly at top and bottom landings. Once you're seated, just push the control button and let the high-tech nylon wheels provide a smooth ride—every time.

Drive Type Cable
Battery Powered No
Self Installable Yes
Basic Installation Included No
Standard Capacity 350 lb
Max Track Length, Standard 16'
Max Track Length, Optional 25'
Track Material Aluminum
Seat Width, Min 19"
Swivel Seat Yes
Flip-Up Seat Yes
Flip-Up Armrests No
Constant Pressure Controls Yes
Footrest Safety Sensor Yes
Call Stations Included Yes - Wired
Unit Footprint, In Use 24.25"
Unit Footprint, Parked 14"
Track Width 8"
Track Footprint 12"


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