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MediTek E120 Stairlift - Straight Rail Stairlift 


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MediTek E120 Straight Rail Stairlift
MediTek E120 Straight Stairlift

Where Quality Meets Affordability”

A new economical, entry level, stairlift for those who just need nothing more than a straightforward, reliable stairlift.

MediTek is an award winning stairlift manufacturer, that has a reputation for making and supplying well designed reliable stairlifts to make life easier for everyone.

MediTek is a member of the BHTA (British Healthcare Trades Association) an organization to which membership requires a strict adherence to an industry code of practice and a commitment to high levels of quality and customer service.
MediTek Stairlifts are available through an international network of approved distributors.


Making life easier
Just because we expend more energy doing everyday tasks, as we get older, does not mean we need to limit our ability to enjoy a more contented lifestyle.
From time to time, climbing steep stairs can be awkward and physically demanding for some people.


Safe, reliable and easy to use


Why take needless risks climbing steep stairs when you can use a stairlift?
A stairlift is an excellent product designed to simply provide an easy and convenient way of accessing upper floors quickly and safely, whenever required.

The E120 MediTek stairlift has been developed specifically for domestic application and will fit unobtrusively and gracefully into your home.

When not in use the E120 stairlift can be folded away and with a slim profile will not obstruct the stairway for use by other people.
Technical Specifications
  • Maximum user weight capacity: Single user 120Kg (19st)
  • Maximum speed: 0.09 m/sec (16 Ft/min).
  • Drive method: Steel rack and pinion drive system
  • Motor: 24v DC motor, 200W
  • Gearbox: Worm and wheel self-locking drive with oil lubrication
  • Carriage construction: Fabricated steel chassis plate construction
  • Rail: Extruded aluminum section
  • Stair angle range: 25 degrees to 50 degrees
  • Safety measures: Over speed governor and spring applied brake
  • Carriage power supply: 24v DC (supplied by 2 x 12v 7.2 A/Hr batteries)
  • Battery charging: Continuous battery charging via copper strip on rail
  • Guide rollers: 12 x rollers with sealed lubricated ball bearings
  • Isolation key switch: Fitted as standard
  • Lap seatbelt: Supplied as standard
  • Powered swivel seat: Upgrade kit available
  • Seat to footrest link: Upgrade kit available
  • Applicable standards: EN 81:40


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