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Curved Rail Stairlifts


Pinnacle SL600 Stair Lift


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Harmar Pinnacle SL600

Engineered to the highest industry standards, Harmar’s Pinnacle stair lifts are designed for optimal comfort, convenience and aesthetics.
  • Easy operating controls and indicator lights
  • Swivel seat at upper landing, for easy and safe, entry and exit
  • Patented helical worm gear drive system for extremely smooth ride
  • Operable in a power outage – up to 40 trips!
  • Comfortable seat with height adjustment
  • Safety sensors will stop the lift if it meets an obstruction
  • No greases or lubricants; easy to vacuum and keep clean

  • Weight capacity

    350 lbs (160kg)

    Electrical requirements

    115 VAC

    Operation power

    24V DC Battery

    Travel distance

    16 ft is standard; lengths available up to 75 ft


    17-21 ft/minute

    Incline limits

    27 – 52 degrees

    Drive system

    Polymer worm/worm-rack

    Motor output speed at rated load

    62 rpm

    Motor output torque at rated load

    18 lb ft

    Motor output amps at rated load

    14 Amps

    Track (rail) type

    Extruded aluminum

    Average return trips per charge

    20 – 40 (varies with load, length)

    Switchable arms (Left or right hand operation)


    Need to open chassis to install or change sides



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